Artist statement

I explore creation in all its forms:  human life, the natural world, the animal world. I am drawn to vivid, vital colors and textures; the essences of places are what move me. With my camera I strive to capture flashes of beauty wherever I happen to find myself, at home or abroad. I have been asked why I concentrate so much on beauty when there are so many despairing images to convey. My answer is simple. It is the mystery I am always tracking with my lens:  beauty can be found even in the the most agonizing, tragic places. Each of my images-----even the most otherworldly landscapes------tries to unearth a humanity that could easily have been overlooked. My jewelry-making grew organically out of my work as a photographer; on photography assignments I have collected stones and beads from countries around the world. They too are records of a presence that moves through us. My work unfolds out of attention, passion, and love. All of my art work is an expression of my curiosity and love for the world with all its diversity.

- Antonia Wolf


About My Work

My interest as a photographer and storyteller began with my father. From childhood he nurtured in me a passion for the art of photography and instilled in me a deep love and respect for nature. He imbued me, as well, with a generous portion of his free spirit. 

I have studied photography at numerous schools, including the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, and studied with other internationally recognized nature photographers. My work appears in various galleries and has been sold to numerous professional private and corporate customers all across the United States.

My interest and passion in the art of photography touches every aspect of my life. My camera has proved an invaluable and wonderful companion on my own personal journey. I feel spiritually drawn to places where oral stories passed on by our ancestors who show us the richness and soulfulness of human existence. 

The images presented on my web site are some of my favorites. They each represent a journey and a story which may speak to you of your own life. As our lives change, so too will the photographs on the site. Check back from time to time for other images from life's tapesetry.

Photography Equipment

My photographic equipment is simple. I use the Canon EOS 5D with Canon zoom lense EF 70-300 and EF 28-135. I carry 4-4GB Sandisk cards and use Epson P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer.